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PAL987 PLEXI CARRERA - Ajustada 3.jpg



The name says it all! Based on the famous 1987X 50-Watt PLEXI circuit, where we have replaced the vacuum tubes for very unique transistors carefully set-up to perform the same way in each stage of pre-amplification.

The word “CARRERA” stands for the mid-high gain performance of the pedal, which has a dedicated mid-range tone, emphasizing the high-mid frequencies where all the lovely Marshall harmonic tones shine.


Taking into consideration all the mods that have been made on the 50-Watt PLEXI and other models like the JCM800, we were able to increase the attack, sustain, and cut out low frequencies to get this custom mid-range response.

Compared to the 800 and 959 series, the PAL987 PLEXI CARRERA has an improved Gain knob to get a better tone structure response as you change the gain setting, an active circuit instead of a passive one is placed in the Presence knob to nail the same behavior as in the real amp, and a three-way toggle switch with a new feature that allows you to change different parameters in the circuit, increasing the versatility of the pedal.

As in all our “Marshall in a box” units, this pedal includes a "Master Tone" trim-pot inside the main circuit board that adjusts the final tone of the pedal to your liking and gear.

“This pedal has been made to race! and will change the game... Are you ready for the CARRERA?" - Luis Pena -


SMT (Surface-Mount Technology) Components.

Special Selected Transistors Carefully Setup For Maximum Performance.

Made & Setup One By One.

No OP-Amps For Pre-amplification Or Any Kind Of Clipping Diodes Combination Into The Circuit.

Dedicated Gain Knob.

Three Band EQ: Bass, Middle and Treble Knobs.

Active Presence Knob.

Master Volume Knob.

T.S. “Tone Structure” Three-Way Toggle Switch: Standard Setup, Tight Setup And Finally Tight Setup With Extra Low-End Response.

Master Tone Trim-pot Inside The Main Circuit Board.

Input Impedance: 1M ohm.

Power Consumption: 9VDC / 4mAh.

AC Adapter required (Not included): Regulated 9VDC, 2.1mm Coax Plug - Negative Center.

True Bypass Hardwire.

Size: 115mm (D) x 70mm (W) x 51mm (H).

Weight: 250 grs / 8.8 oz.

 List Price: $215,00 (US Dollars).

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