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PAL800-V3 GOLD Overdrive

This is the third version in our PAL800 Series, in this new model we keep the original design that we love of the PAL800 GOLD Overdrive but adding more features making it even more versatile.


The PAL800 GOLD Overdrive is consider a true Hot Rod JCM800 in a box, and in this new version we add the following improvements:


INPUT I/II Footswitch: This footswitch recreates the same input circuit section that you could find in some classic Marshall amps like the Plexi, in this case the "Input I" will be 6dB louder than the "Input II". When the led indicator is OFF you will be in the "Input II" section and when is ON in the "Input I". This feature will allow you the get the same behavior as in the real amp at low and high gain settings in terms of attack, dynamics and interaction with your guitar volume control.


#34 Toggle Switch: This switch will allow you to achieve the famous MOD #34, a modification that can be made in a 1959SLP or JCM800 amp and that has been the main tone of one of our favorite guitar player "SLASH". When the toggle switch is in the down position you will be in the MOD #34 and in the upper position in the original PAL800 GOLD Overdrive design. For a more accurate result of the MOD #34, please put the Gain Voicing switch in the down position and set up the Gain knob around 12 to 2 O’clock using your favorite Les Paul.

As in all our Marshall in a box style units, this pedal includes the "Master Tone" trimpot inside the main PCBoard to adjust the final tone of the pedal to your taste and gear.

Each pedal is carefully setup by hand for maximum performance and tested by the founders of PedaPalFx, therefore it is not a massive production pedal and there will be only a few per month available on the market, a true “Boutique Pedal”.


  • SMT (Surface-Mount Technology) Components, Design Version 3.1.​

  • Special Selected Transistors Carefully Setup For Maximum Performance.

  • Made & Setup One By One.

  • No OP-Amps For Pre-amplification Or Any Kind Of Clipping Diodes Combination Into The Circuit.

  • Input Impedance: 1M ohm (Input I) / 135K ohm (Input II).

  • Power Consumption: 9VDC / 11.5mA.

  • AC Adapter (Not included): Regulated 9VDC, 2.1mm Coax Plug - Negative Center.

  • True Hardwire Bypass: Yes.

  • Weight: 400 g /14.1 oz.

  • Size: 119mm (D) x 103mm (W) x 54mm (H).

List Price: $265,00 (US Dollars).

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