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When you take the original circuit schematic of a classic pedal and tweak it to your taste you get a "Tribute Series"... The Breaker is our tribute to the Marshall Bluesbreaker MK1 overdrive but this handmade pedal is not an exact clone, here in the workshop we tweaked the original design improving all the knob controls, as a result, the Gain knob delivers a very clean boost sound all the way to a mid-gain respond thanks to the particular configuration of two Dual Op-Amps in the circuit instead of just one as the original design, plus a dedicated asymmetric clippling will give you a tube like respond at any setting. The Tone knob has been improved to get a very classic warm and rich sound and with the Volume control you will get enough output level to saturate the pre-section of your favourite tube-amp.

A small quantity of this pedal will be handmade in 2018, the official production will be released in 2019... Don't miss this opportunity to get one before the official release.

 List Price: $109,90 (US Dollars).

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